• Scott Morton Educational Trust

  • The Scott Morton Educational Trust was established in 1988 in the memory of former NCMHA Executive Director, Patsy Morton Rumbley’s son, Scott who was killed in a tragic dirt bike accident. His love of life, family, friends and faith in the future is the spirit in which this trust is formed.  The Trust supports the pursuit of higher education by awarding annual cash stipends to graduating high school seniors, adults attending college, junior college or technical school, or students with special educational gifts or needs.  Since its inception, the Trust has awarded over 200 scholarships totaling over $150,000 to deserving students in support of their dreams.

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    What better investment can be made than to the education of our children?  When debating about where to invest your hard-earned money, consider giving your tax deductible donation to the Scott Morton Educational Trust Fund!! Every penny received is used to award scholarships to deserving students in pursuit of their dreams.  By supporting the Scott Morton Educational Trust Fund you are helping the children of our fellow industry members achieve their goals of a higher education and giving them a start towards a solid future.  All gifts are fully tax deductible according to IRS regulations. For more information on how you can contribute please contact Bobbi Peterman at 1-800-849-6311 or bobbi@nc-mha.org

    Scholarship applications are accepted during the spring term each year and the Board of Trustees meet prior to the NCMHA Annual Meeting to discuss applicants and select the scholarship recipients. The scholarship winners are announced each year at the NCMHA Annual Meeting and the recipients will be notified at that time.

    The amount and number of scholarships are based on the amount of money raised through donations and are awarded to the top contending applicants as determined by the Board of Trustees.

    • Applicants must be nominated by an employee of a NCMHA member firm and have a family member in the manufactured or modular housing industry.
    • A nominee must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and must have graduated from high school within a two-year period to be considered. Scholarships are limited to Undergraduate Studies Only.
    • Scholarships are awarded to the top applicants based on a combination of need and merit as determined by the Board of Trustees. Scholarship applications will include information on grades, achievement and financial need.
    • Initial Scholarships would be for one year. Scholarship winners are eligible for renewal consideration if they have maintained satisfactory progress in their studies.
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  • 2022 Scholarship Recipients:

    Ellie Bell
    Lindsey Curling
    McKenzie Lane
    Jazmin Rendon
    Kaleb Risen
    Alyssa Winchester


  • SMET is accepting scholarship applications for 2023.
    Deadline for Applications: April 10, 2023

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    SMET 2023 Application