• Membership Benefits & Levels

  • NCMHA Memberships

    The NCMHA is a non-profit trade association representing:

    • Retailers
    • Manufacturers
    • Finance and Insurance Companies
    • Community Owners and Managers
    • Developers
    • Service/Supplier Companies
    • Installation Contractors

    Membership in the association currently totals more than 1,000. Member companies include all of the retail sales centers in the state, all of the in-state manufacturers and virtually all of the out-of-state manufacturers who are licensed to ship homes to the state. A high percentage of the suppliers and finance companies, are also members. NCMHA was founded in 1968 to promote the ownership of manufactured homes and to develop high professional standards for those involved in the industry. The Association's public, government and consumer relations programs are directed toward these goals. In essence, the Association serves as a source of information for members, government and consumers.

    NCMHA is a proud member of the Manufactured Housing Institute. For information about the manufactured housing industry in other states or at the national level, please visit the MHI web site at www.mfghome.org.

  • NCMHA Membership Levels

    (download NCMHA membership application)

    • Associate: (non-industry - must be approved): $100 per year
    • Finance: $250 per year
    • Insurance: $250 per year
    • Community Owner/Operator: 1-10 spaces: $25 per year; 11-110 spaces: $25 + $1 for each space over 10 per year (ex: 40 spaces=$25 + $30 = $55); 111+ spaces: $125 per year
    • Developer: $100 per year
    • Manufacturer: $900 minimum per year ($900 must accompany application; this represents the first 12 floors shipped to NC retailers). $75 per floor shipped.
    • Service/Supplier: $250 per year
    • Installation Contractor: $50 per year

    For more information on member benefits and becoming a member of NCMHA, e-mail Bobbi Peterman - bobbi@nc-mha.org.

  • NCMHA Membership Benefits

    The following are just a handful of the advantages you gain by being a member of NCMHA.

  • Annual Meeting Annual Meeting

    Each summer, NCMHA members gather at a luxurious location to attend the NCMHA Annual Meeting. The Meeting serves as a family-friendly forum for members to network with other business associates, as well as allowing members to meet and hear national and local industry leaders. The Annual Meeting also serves as NCMHA's venue where members elect their division representatives.

    Educational and Training Programs Educational and Training Programs

    NCMHA not only provides education through its own resources, but also works with other professional organizations including planners, brokers and housing advocates to provide current, up-to-date information on issues affecting the industry.

    Professional Development & Education Professional Development & Education

    NCMHA periodically develops programs and provides information to help our members grow in their profession.

    Government Relations Government Relations

    NCMHA takes an active role in both state and local government activities by developing relationships with US Congress, State representatives, County Commissioners, City Council members, Planning Commissioners as well as representatives in over 19 regulatory agencies. NCMHA also actively lobbies to have legislation that will positively affect the industry passed both statewide as well as nationally.

    Grassroots Grassroots

    NCMHA strives to build individual relationships between its members and local officials by providing the necessary resources to make members become proactive in governmental matters.

    Membership Directory Membership Directory

    This annual publication is provided for NCMHA members' exclusive use. The directory provides a wealth of information including contact information, organized by city as well as an alphabetical listing by type of service that the members provide to the industry. The directory also includes a copy of the association's Bylaws as well as local and state Government contact information.

    Membership Meetings Membership Meetings

    Association gatherings are held at the state level throughout the year. Committee meetings are also held on this day. NCMHA has several active committees for every member to get involved in. Annual Meeting, Bylaws, Regulatory Affairs and MaHPAC all meet on a regular basis and have subcommittees, which focus on specific issues.

    Newsmagazine Newsmagazine

    NCMHA's newsmagazine, North Carolina Manufactured & Modular Housing News, is mailed to the entire membership. Articles address industry-relevant topics as diverse as legislative issues, educational opportunities, marketing strategies, economic perspectives, NCMHA committee updates, and more. The Association's Executive Director and President are regular contributors, and members are welcome to submit informational articles for publication. The magazine also includes a calendar of events and photo recap of NCMHA events. Advertising opportunities are available.

    NCMHA Website NCMHA Website

    The NCMHA website is the most direct link to all association activities. At any time, the public can access the consumer information section on the many reasons to own a factory-built home.

    Public Relations Program Public Relations Program

    NCMHA continually strives to portray our industry in a positive manner. Both the NCMHA staff and Regulatory Affairs Committee work to update the local media and public officials on activities and developments in the manufactured and modular housing industry. These efforts also serve to improve public opinion of the industry, which continues to grow, change and react to political and economic conditions across the state. NCMHA representatives are available to convey the Association's views on current issues, whether to various media or other interested groups.

    Resources Resources

    NCMHA membership gives you access to many quality resources that will help you in your business. Some examples include a sample lease written in both English and Spanish; Model Arbitration Agreement; Model Sales contract as well as other distinctive marketing and collateral printed materials and videos.

    Scott Morton Educational Trust Scott Morton Educational Trust

    The Scott Morton Educational Trust Fund was established in the memory of former NCMHA Executive Director, Patsy Morton Rumbley's son, Scott. Scott was killed in a dirt bike accident several years ago. Scott attended Elon College and participated in football, and other school activities and events. The NCMHA Scott Morton Educational Trust awards scholarships based on a combination of need and merit to graduating high school seniors; adults attending college, junior college or technical school; or to students with special educational gifts or needs. Applicants must be nominated by an employee of a NCMHA member firm. Awards are for one year, but scholarship recipients will be eligible for consideration for renewal if they make satisfactory progress in their studies. Since the programs inception there have been over 100 scholarships awarded to deserving students and 100% of the donations received for the fund go towards awarding even more scholarships.

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